The Team

Audunn Bjarni Olafsson,  Regional Director PEP International

Audunn Bjarni has a Diploma in International Marketing and Management. His extencive work experience includes District Management (Mayor) for Local Governments in Iceland. Audunn Bjarni is one of the longest serving expatriate on the Balkans being involved since 1993 in humanitarian assistance, reconstruction of houses and infrastructure and Local Government Developments in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Macedonia. Audunn Bjarni, commonly known as ABO, is the founder of PEP International.


Samir Hajrulahović  National Project Coordinator PERA
Samir is a Graduated Architect holding a Master degree in State Management and Humanitarian Affairs. Samir work experience includes over 12 years of Project Coordination for international organisations.



Dženana Baždarević, Accounting and Report Officer PERA
Dzenana holds a Bachelors Degree in Civics. her work experience includes NGO work, teaching and training and PR and Marketing in private companies. Dzenana has lived, worked and studied in Sweden. In addition to field work Dzenana secures the accounting and reporting for PERA




Elmir Ganić, Field Officer PERA
Elmir holds a technical Degree in Civil Engineering and Bachelors Degree in Laws. Elmir has several years work experience with international organisation and from his own private company. Elmir is the main legal advisor for the team.