PEP International is a small Non-Profit member organisation established in Iceland in December 2002 and fully registered in January 2003 under the corporate registration Nr. 710103-2670.

The purpose of PEP is to promote the active engagement of the civil society as a key element in the development of democratic governance in countries going through transition period.


Over the years PEP has specialised in strengthening the social capital in marginalised areas. The main focus is on the civil society and how the internal communication of a community is a key factor in the communication between Local Governments and their citizens. Through practical experience citizens learn to exercise their rights, identify and prioritize their problems and to file claims on their local authorities. Maximising usage of local resources is one of the principles of PEP as the name of the organisation indicates PEP = Peoples´ Empowerment Program.



The main financial supporter of PEP activities has so far been Sida, (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). The total value of projects implemented by PEP in 3 countries, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia is calculated at over 10.000.000 € by end of 2012.



Current members of PEP International originate, in addition to Iceland, from a number of different countries including Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Macedonia, Sweden and UK. PEP staff and key members have extensive experience in Local Governances and Public Services as well as commercial activities and entrepreneurship. Projects in the portfolio include; Organising and implementing reconstruction of houses and infrastructure in war affected areas such as Bosnia and Kosovo with thousands of homes being repaired. Community Development projects with hundreds of problems being solved through mobilisation of citizens and better usage of local resources as well as income generating projects and direct financial support.